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Password Policy

In our effort to move towards more secure Online Trading, we have introduced a new password policy.

  • You will have to change your password compulsorily every 14 calendar days. On login     after 14th day from your previous change of password, you will be taken to the "Change     Password" screen.
  • The New password cannot be the same as the immediate previous password.
  • The password cannot be the same as your User ID.
  • The password will have to be alphanumeric.
  • Your password must have minimum 8 characters and not more than 10 characters.
  • If you enter an erroneous password on three consecutive occasions, your account will get locked.

To unlock password, just write to or asking us to unlock the account. We will unlock your account, so that you can immediately access it with the existing password you have.

For queries and clarifications, just write to or call our Customer Service 180022-2282 on and we will be glad to be of assistance to you.


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